Yes, at the time of registration, we will ask you for some samples of your work, along with interesting information about your tastes and a couple of original unedited photographs in which you want us to work. With this, we will make a sample of the three editing styles so you can get a clearer idea of our options.

At the time of registering on the page we will ask you for some work samples. With this we will perform a detailed analysis and with our editors we will find the perfect formula until we get to edit your photos just as you do.

Una vez tengamos claro tu estilo, se te asignará un editor que es el que realizará siempre tus trabajos.  En el apartado “Área de cliente / Tus Datos” podrás ver quién es tu editor y su correo electrónico para cualquier cuestión que tengas que hablar con él.


Once you are registered, you have an option on the top bar  called “New Order”. From there you can upload your files or catalogues and they will be sent directly to your editor.

The photos will be sent in a compressed .zip file, whether they are original raw files or a Lightroom catalog. The following question provides an example of how to prepare your images.

For global and selective adjustment, we are going to ask you to send us a Lightroom catalog with Smart previews. This has several advantages, on the one hand the shipment will be much faster since it weighs less, and on the other, the quality will not be affected since they are still RAW files. Once we finish the edition, we will return the catalog and you can apply the changes to your original files.

You can watch a video of the process here.

For the editing service we will ask you to send us the original RAW files since we have to edit in Photoshop with all its resolution. You just have to put them all inside a folder and compress the folder to send us the .zip file.

Off Course!!! At the time placing the order you can choose between the percentage you want in black and White (0-50%) or you can even mark the ones you want to labeling them with the blue color in Lightroom, so we will know which ones you want.

If we believe that your photography will improve with a clipping of the image, yes.

Anyway, we will always keep the original proportion of the photograph and we will also create an intelligent collection for you to quickly identify the photographs in which we have made a crop.

Keep in mind that when you send us your photos, they are compressed in a zip file if you send a catalog of Lightroom, so that a priori we cannot know how many images are to make an invoice, that is why we need you to indicate us the number of images that you are sending.

If after the shipment the amount of images does not correspond with the invoice, we will have to previously generate another invoice or credit note with the difference that will be sent to you by email, so that is resolved before proceeding with the work.

This can cause your order to be delayed, so we ask that you be attentive when filling out the form and enter the exact amount.

We do not seek to apply a preset to your images and that´s it, so your will be ready in 7-10 business days. We will notify you by email when it is finished. Don´t forget to add your editor´s email to your trusted mail list to make sure the message doesn’t reach the spam folder.

Working with a larger amount of images and requesting several services in it can cause confusion, so we will ask that if you want several services on the same job, do so in different orders.

For example, if you have requested the selective adjustment and then you want an edition in one of the photographs, first make the request for the selective adjustment and when you receive it, you can request the following service. In this case, you can tell us in the notes of the order that corresponds to a previous job. In this way, we will advance the work so that you can have it ready as soon as possible.

Of course, our editing service is especially suitable for this type of work in which we perform a special image treatment such a skin retouching, lighting, liquify, etc.

Once you receive the notification that your work is finished, you can go directly to the page and Access the “Client area / My cloud” section. Inside you will find a compressed file with the extension “Edited” where your work will be finished. From there you can download.

If your service was Edition, you will have already received  the JPG files at their highest quality, if instead your work was global or selective adjustment we will have returned the Lightroom catalog with the settings. Applying it to your images is very easy. Here have the video.


During the order process, once you have indicated the type of work you want and upload the images you will have the fields to make the payment by Credit Card. The invoice will be issued automatically and will reach your by e-mail. You can also see it in your “Customer Area / Order History”.

According to the law in force in Spain, taxes are treated as follows:

  • Spain VAT 21%
  • Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla without taxes
  • Europe VAT 21% (As long as the total amount of invoices does not exceed 10,000 euros per year).
  • Rest of the world without taxes